Upcoming Events

November 26, 2016
RIGHT BY DESIGN - On the farm

February 15, 2017
TF-Branded Genetics Sale

April 14, 2017
Back to the Farm Bull Sale - Zanesville

April 19, 2017
Trennepohl Top 10 Sale
On the farm and online


Trennepohl Farms is a diverse family farm operation. For four generations we have prided ourselves on producing some of the finest seed stock genetics and agricultural products anywhere. Through the vision and leadership of our grandfather, Howard, Trennepohl Farms beginnings trace back to some of the greatest bloodlines that the Belgian Draft Horse industry has known. It is that pure bred seed stock passion that has laid the foundation for our success thus far.

We are committed to insuring that our products will be successful for our customers including livestock, grain, hay and straw. Thank you for your interest in our program.

Jeff Trennepohl & family, Scott Trennepohl & family, Tom & Judy Trennepohl